6 Reasons Why Lena Dunham’s Frequent Nudity On Girls Is A Great Thing


Another season of Girls has kicked off, and with it comes the inevitable series of debates over Lena Dunham’s tits. It’s a subject that will likely continue to incite fierce arguments between those who feel compelled to defend their immediate visceral reaction to seeing Dunham’s body in full view on screen versus those who not only think the former group is a bunch of dicks but also that the conscious choice Dunham makes every time she takes her clothes off in front of a camera is admirable and possibly really, really important and good.

You can see why this isn’t really a debate but a brief exchange between people who are like “Ew,” and those of us who are like “Ok ur dumb.” This isn’t that different from most shifts in cultural thinking, especially in regards to sexuality, where what was once met with “ew” eventually, through often radical exhibitions of pride and sexual self-assertion, is now met with at the very least a “hmm, ok.”

It’s also a topic I hope and expect will continue for as long as Dunham remains relevant (which I also hope/expect will be a very long time), because to her credit, she shows no signs of restraining herself when it comes to this form of expression. I don’t see that as merely a good thing, but indeed a great thing. Here are 6 reasons why that is.

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