Lindsay Sperling’s Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014


Every year television amazes me. Unlike its big sister, film, networks can’t rely on one or two projects to carry them all year. They have to constantly reinvent themselves to keep up with the change in trends. Even when it comes to adapting material to the small screen, they have the daunting task of using the source material as a launching point instead of the entire creative arsenal. From more traditional September to May seasons, to summer series, to split seasons, to new outlets and methods of delivery, TV shows have proven to have staying power – and 2014 has brought more in all the aforementioned categories than ever before.

Last year, my top 10 list was dominated mostly by shows that I was responsible for reviewing on behalf of We Got This Covered. Even though I thought it had something for everyone, this year I made it a point to overindulge so that I could offer an even more inclusive selection. However, television can also be a very personal experience for viewers and is therefore subjective. Although there are some shows that made my list again, there were several series that dropped off the list as they just couldn’t contend with the enormity of what was created in 2014. And, of course, there were about a dozen new additions that I went back and forth on to round out my list.

But I digress, the following is what I consider to be the best that television had to offer in 2014.