Live-Action Thrawn And Ezra Bridger Have Reportedly Been Cast

Thrawn illustration

Ever since Season 2 of The Mandalorian made no bones about the fact it was set to be the bedrock of an entire Star Wars Disney Plus universe, almost every fan favorite character from The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Bad Batch, the Skywalker Saga and even the Anthology spinoffs has been rumored to drop by.

It’s not as if a precedent hasn’t already been set, with Katee Sackhoff reprising her animated role as Bo-Katan, while Rosario Dawson stepped in for Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano. The latter is the only one of the two to have her own solo series announced so far, but she did tease even more connections to the wider lore after Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan name-dropped Grand Admiral Thrawn.

One of the recurring favorites to play the nefarious villain is Mads Mikkelsen, who would follow the Sackhoff template by jumping into live-action. A new rumor claims that the actor has signed on to play the fan favorite on Disney Plus, while also offering that Aladdin‘s Mena Massoud is locked for Ezra Bridger.

Massoud went public with his struggles to find work despite taking top billing in a billion-dollar box office smash hit, and a plum part in Star Wars would certainly fix that. He’s been linked with Ezra in the past, as has Mikkelsen in regards to Thrawn, so nobody would be too surprised if the news was made official.

It hasn’t been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm yet, though, and it would be far from the first time we’ve heard similar unconfirmed tales, but if you hear the same thing often enough then there’s usually a degree of truth to it, so Star Wars could be landing two talented names for the ever-increasing roster.