Aladdin Star Reportedly Eyed To Play Live-Action Ezra Bridger In Ahsoka Show

Ezra Bridger

Not every Star Wars fan has to have a super deep knowledge of the lore, and there are millions of folks who love the franchise despite only really being familiar with the movies. However, as The Mandalorian‘s second season showed us, it certainly pays to be in the know in regards to the characters/storylines outside of just the core films.

For instance, the live-action debuts of Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan went down very well with those familiar with The Clone Wars and Rebels, while diehard fans lost their minds at the mere mention of Grand Admiral Thrawn in “The Jedi.” Of course, a lot of this might’ve meant nothing to the more causal viewers, but tying the animated and live-action mythologies together has been a smart idea on Lucasfilm’s part and there are no doubt more new additions to come.

Of course, one of the most heavily rumored characters in terms of who’s coming next has been Ezra Bridger. The fan favorite has been linked to a whole number of projects in recent months and now, we have some news on who may play him.

Multiple sources – Grace Randolph, Kessel Run Transmissions, etc. – are reporting tonight that Aladdin star Mena Massoud is the frontrunner to portray the role in the Ahsoka Tano series. Lucasfilm has yet to comment on the news, but enough people are saying the same thing and at this point, there’s no reason to doubt it.

That being said, nothing’s official until the studio makes it so and even if Massoud is who they want for the part now, things can always change. Hopefully they don’t, though, as this would actually be a terrific bit of casting and the actor certainly deserves some more recognition. After all, despite starring in one of the Mouse House’s biggest ever hits as the titular character, he hasn’t been finding much work lately.

Tell us, though, who do you want to see play Ezra Bridger in live-action? Let us know down below.