Loki Director Hopes Season 2 Gives Mobius A Jet Ski

Loki mobius

Kate Herron has confirmed that she won’t be returning to direct Season 2 of Loki, but she’ll be watching the premiere episode with her fingers crossed that Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius finally gets his jet ski. Fans were hoping that one of the show’s most popular running gags would be paid off in epic fashion as the TVA analyst hit the waves on his favored mode of aquatic transport, but it sadly wasn’t to be.

Naturally, there was fury on social media that we’d had the carrot dangled in front of us for six weeks, only for the creative team to avoid taking that final glorious bite. Not only that, but when Tom Hiddleston’s title hero was booted out of the Citadel at the End of Time by Sylvie, he returned to a completely different reality where Mobius didn’t even know who he was.

In a plot twist that doesn’t even bear thinking about, what if this version of Mobius doesn’t even like jet skis? That better not be the case, and in a new interview Herron outlined her hopes that whoever ends up overseeing Season 2 of the Disney Plus hit will give the people what they want and allow us a glimpse into why Wilson’s instant cult hero was so fascinated by the humble jet ski.

“So I guess that’s the task, right? Of whoever directs it next, they have to get him on his jet ski. If that’s not the opening of Season 2… But yeah, it was funny, actually, because I think me and the writers and everyone who worked on the show, we were also delighted because, obviously, seeing everyone, they loved the jet skis. And we were like, ‘There was so much stuff’, and we were like, ‘Oh, man’. Because we all knew, obviously, he was not going to be on one. So I think definitely; I’m sure that will be a treat for the next season.”

Only the Marvel Cinematic Universe could deliver a big budget TV show revolving around a time traveling mystery with massive implications for the future of the franchise, and yet leave fans upset that they didn’t get to see a dude with a mustache and a penchant for brown suits ride a jet ski at some point. It’s crazy when you think about it, but Loki was far from being a run of the mill episodic series.