Loki Premiere Reveals A Big God Of Mischief Twist


Loki finally debuted on Disney Plus today, and its premiere episode definitely offered fans a lot to chew on over the next week as we await the second outing. For one, it was surprisingly emotional, as the Loki Variant discovered the tragic fate that he met in the original timeline, and it also kind of threw the entire Infinity Saga under the bus with an Infinity Stones joke. What’s more, its final scenes revealed the identity of the show’s main villain.

As soon as Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) discovers that the Loki Variant (Tom Hiddleston) – officially classified as Variant L1130 – has been taken into TVA custody, he makes it his mission to bring the trickster under his wing. He sets about interrogating the God of Mischief’s character, attempting to get him to reveal why he feels he needs to act the part of the villain. By the end of the episode, thanks to discovering his fate in the original timeline, Loki has begun to come to terms with himself and Mobius is pleased with his progress.

This is where Mobius reveals to Loki why he’s so keen to get him on board. You see, the mysterious figure who’s been creating dangerous alterations to the Sacred Timeline is another Loki variant. The final scene then visits Salina, Oklahoma in 1859, where a group of TVA hunters discover evidence of oil, which they assume means someone has travelled from the future to make money from it. Unfortunately for them, however, the truth is much darker.

A hooded figure is then revealed, setting the oil alight and burning the hunters alive. We don’t get a clear look at this person, but we now know that it’s a dark – very dark –  alternate version of Loki. The prevailing theory is that it must be Lady Loki, who’s probably played by Sophia Di Martino. But what’s her story? Hopefully we’ll find out more in Loki episode 2, which drops next Wednesday on Disney Plus.