Lucasfilm Reportedly Worried About Pedro Pascal Leaving The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal

Over the past few years, Pedro Pascal has successfully transformed himself into one of the internet’s favorite actors. In December 2020, for example, he could be seen in the latest big hit on no less than three streaming services – Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes, HBO Max’s Wonder Woman 1984 and, of course, Disney Plus’ The MandalorianHis star is only going to continue to rise, too, as he’s signed up to lead HBO’s much-anticipated The Last of Us TV series.

Apparently, though, Pascal’s increased fame and fortune is causing Lucasfilm to worry about whether they can keep him on board their current jewel in the crown for the long run. Insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that the studio is looking to lock down the actor for an unstated amount of future seasons of The Mandalorian as they’re scared that they might lose him if The Last of Us takes off for HBO.

“Lucasfilm trying to lock Pedro down for a while, they are scared they may lose him if Last of Us takes off,” says Richtman.

You might be wondering if it’d actually be that big of a deal if Pascal left the show, seeing as Din Djarin famously spends much of his time with his helmet on, so it might seem pretty easy to recast him. But there are likely a few reasons that Lucasfilm would rather avoid this having to happen at any cost. For one, losing another star of the series following the firing of Gina Carano would be a bad look. Not only that, but it’s believed that Djarin will be showing his face a lot more from now on, so Pascal’s presence on screen will only increase.

What this probably means, then, is that the actor may get a pretty hefty pay raise for future seasons of The Mandalorian as Disney and Lucasfilm hope to keep him sweet. And with the next run set to start shooting in April, you can expect more news on what’s to come on the show to drop soon.