Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Say Goodbye To 2 Main Cast Members

Doctor Who

There are various bits and pieces we’ve known about the incoming Doctor Who special for a while, but the BBC has only just got around to officially confirming. For instance, the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack was revealed on Monday, despite fans figuring it out long ago. Likewise, it’s been reported that the special, titled “Revolution of the Daleks,” will say goodbye to two of the Doctor’s friends, and now that’s been assured as well.

SFX Magazine features an exclusive preview of the episode in its latest issue, which contains a quote from showrunner Chris Chibnall that confirms the major cast exits. Among other things, the EP reveals that yes, this will be the last outing in the TARDIS for Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh as Ryan Sinclair and Graham O’Brien, respectively.

“It is Ryan and Graham’s final episode in the show,” Chibnall said. “So it’s big, and it’s epic. It’s emotional.”

The preview also confirms that Chris Noth is back as Jack Robertson, a Trump-like U.S. businessman who appeared in season 11 episode “Arachnids in the UK.” Chibnall teased how Robertson fits into the story, saying the following:

“We love this character. It’s a fabulous performance from Chris. He loved being in the show and was really keen to come back. And his character story didn’t feel like it was at an end. He was disgraced at the end of the previous episode, where we left him, and the story of his recovery and how he claws back into the world continues in this story.”

Of course, Walsh and Cole have been part of the show since the Thirteenth Doctor era launched in 2018. Mandip Gill, meanwhile, will stay on as Yaz Khan and remain as the Doctor’s only companion for season 13, which is filming now.

It’s unknown how the pair will be written out the series, but with Daleks on the loose, there’s always the threat of one or both of them being exterminated. That being said, despite various tragic exits over the years, companion deaths are still rare, so this seems unlikely. Season 12 also hinted that both of them are ready to return to their regular lives, so it may be that they part ways with the Doc on their own volition.

Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks” gets its first trailer this Sunday. And with any luck, that’ll reveal the premiere date.

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