Boba Fett Easter Egg May Be Hinting At The Mandalorian Season 2’s Ending

Boba Fett

The latest episode of The Mandalorian raised the wow factor of Jon Favreau’s show tenfold, and for no reason other than bringing back Boba Fett in all his glorious brutality.

Ever since the premiere episode of season 2, fans had been wondering how Temura Morrison’s legendary mercenary would make a proper return. Some speculated that he might track Mando’s ship, while others proposed that he’ll still be working for the Empire. What transpired, however, was beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Not only did the latest chapter, “The Tragedy,” bring him back as a main character, but it also gave him the chance to brandish his skills as one of the deadliest mercenaries in that galaxy far, far away, and in his signature beskar armor, no less.

Indeed, after taking a dozen Stormtroopers down with his staff, the bounty hunter headed over to Din Djarin’s ship and reclaimed his old gear. As you’d expect, the Imperial remnants didn’t even stand a chance and fled the way they came. Fett intervened, of course, using his jetpack’s missile to take down both of the troop carriers at the same time. When Mando complimented him on the shot, he simply replied: “I was aiming for the other one.”

As one user on Reddit pointed out, this is actually a subtle homage to The Magnificent Seven, where Britt, the knife expert, delivers a similar line in one of the scenes, saying: “I was aiming at the horse.” Some fans have taken this Easter Egg a step further, though, suggesting that it might hint at how The Mandalorian will conclude its second season, with Mando forming his own version of the Magnificent Seven to take on the Empire and rescue Baby Yoda.

Boba Fett, Cobb Vanth, Fennec Shand, Bo-Katan, Cara Dune, and Ahsoka Tano could be the potential members of this gang, while some believe that a certain Jedi, presumably Luke Skywalker or Mace Windu, is also going to make an appearance. For now, however, we can only sit patiently and wait and see what Disney has planned.