The Mandalorian May’ve Hinted That Baby Yoda’s More Powerful Than Vader


The last two episodes of The Mandalorian have given viewers huge insight into Baby Yoda’s backstory, unpacking several of the major mysteries surrounding the show’s breakout character. Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano played a big part in filling in many of the blanks, and at the start of season 2, few could have guessed that Grogu would be so closely connected to the arc of Anakin Skywalker.

Not only was his former Padawan the one to communicate directly with The Child and relay the information back to Mando, but it also turned out that the green critter was present at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when the Chosen One fully embraced the Dark Side and slaughtered the Younglings after Order 66 was executed. Although Grogu was hidden away and managed to escape in a subplot that will no doubt be picked up once again in the future.

Robert Rodriguez’s “The Tragedy” was a brief yet action-packed entry into The Mandalorian‘s back catalogue, and ended on a real downer as Moff Gideon’s forces finally succeeded in their goal of capturing Baby Yoda. However, we got to see him give as good as he got before he was placed into tiny little handcuffs, as Grogu wielded his Force powers to choke two Stormtroopers simultaneously.

This could be a hint at just how powerful he might end up becoming, because not even Darth Vader was seen whipping out the double Force Choke in any of his live-action appearances, and he was the most powerful and feared Force user in the galaxy. The throughline from Anakin to Grogu has already been established via Ashoka, and it seems that The Mandalorian might not be done drawing parallels between the two just yet.

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