Disney Has Already Made A Toy Out Of The Mandalorian’s Eggs


Disney’s preference for producing strange tie-in merchandise for hit Star Wars show The Mandalorian is a theme that the company intends to continue with season 2, it would seem.

Unlike last year, when fans were unable to find toys adorned with Baby Yoda’s insufferably cute face for love nor money, the House of Mouse has made sure to stock store shelves with more bric-à-brac than one individual could ever need this time around. From shirts and plushies to props and figures, even replicas of Din Djarin’s helmet (Beskar Steel not included) are up for grabs in the run-up to Christmas 2020, but nothing says unnecessary and/or completely unexpected than the latest addition to Funko’s ever-expanding range of plastic collectibles.

As you can see below, one product revealed over on the official Star Wars site as part of a recurring Mando Mondays promotion is this Funko Pop! figure featuring Baby Yoda about to chow down on a canister of alien eggs.

An overt reference to season 2, the tasty looking (apparently) food belongs to an unnamed character who Mando is tasked with ferrying to safety during the events of “The Passenger” and, more upsettingly, are the toad-like individual’s unhatched, unfertilized spawn. Despite being reprimanded numerous times for gobbling up portions of the canister’s contents, The Child continues to find the delicacy irresistible, a back and forth used for comedic effect.

That was clearly the intention, anyway. Some fans have taken umbrage with the actions of Mando’s shipmate since the episode’s debut, believing that the writers have crossed some sort of line from cute to outright unsettling. Whether anything will come of the subplot, though, we’ll likely find out in this week’s episode of The Mandalorian. Stay tuned!