Mandalorian Theory Says Baby Yoda Will Be Tempted By The Dark Side

Baby Yoda

Before the event was recently canceled, Star Wars Celebration appeared a lock to give us our first glimpse at the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian, and with the planned October release getting ever closer, fans are desperate to catch a look at any footage at all from Mando and Baby Yoda’s latest set of adventures.

The additions of some fan favorite characters from both the live-action and animated history of Star Wars has certainly got people talking, and as the only project from the Disney era that hasn’t faced any kind of notable backlash, expectations are through the roof for the next run of Jon Favreau’s Disney Plus exclusive.

While official plot details are a little thin on the ground, there’s nonetheless been constant speculation about the possible directions the story could be headed, including ways that it could potentially lead to multiple spinoffs after Disney CEO Bob Iger basically confirmed that The Mandalorian would serve as the base camp for years’ worth of tales set in a galaxy far, far away.

Recently, a new theory has been making the rounds online and it isn’t going to sit well with the millions of people who instantly fell in love with Baby Yoda and turned the little green critter into a pop culture phenomenon overnight. According to the theory, the look of genuine malice on The Child’s face when he Force-choked Cara Dune while she was arm-wrestling Mando could be a hint that he might one day be tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.

Although it could be written off as him defending Din Djarin when he thought his companion was in trouble, we’ve already seen how powerful Baby Yoda’s Force powers can be, and having children with an important destiny discovering how to harness that kind of power hasn’t worked out too well in the past given how Anakin Skywalker turned out.

It would be a hell of a plot twist to have Baby Yoda embrace the temptation of the Dark Side, but with The Mandalorian‘s breakout star set to earn Disney billions in merchandising revenue, it seems highly unlikely that they’d be willing to take that chance.