The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Is Now Available As A Talking Toy


The toys of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian that everyone complained about not being able to buy have now been made available to order from a number of outlets and the latest variation is Hasbro’s talking take on the cute green fuzzball that you’ll either find as adorable as its inspiration or a dead-eyed atrocity destined to traumatize innocent children.

To be clear, the speaking voice of this creation isn’t actual words, but an assortment of inarticulate baby noises that appear to have been recycled from Gremlins’ Gizmo and channeled though some dark side necromancy contained in the core of the cuddly plush figure. You can watch the disturbing homunculus in action below.

Disney’s short-sightedness in not making Baby Yoda toys immediately available has been a source of mockery, as he was introduced into the public consciousness right before the anarchic insanity of the Christmas present-buying period, potentially losing millions of dollars in the process, and those now ordered will not be received until spring. Everyone else swiftly got in on the action though, with the likes of a Minecraft mod, Funko pops and a petition for an emoji already making the rounds.

The demand for toys was inevitable when the 50-year-old infant becoming The Mandalorian‘s main, and often only talking point, to the extent that everyone forgot to keep speculating on whether Mando is really Boba Fett, and immediately transformed the series from a sci-fi inspired by Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns to a planet-hopping variation on classic manga series Lone Wolf and Cub. The character’s popularity also makes it inevitable that this will probably be far from the last version of the force-sensitive child we can expect to see emerge in the coming weeks.

Source: Collider