Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweet As The Joker

Killing Joke

It doesn’t take much to make President-elect Donald J. Trump appear villainous. Just look at his Twitter profile if you don’t believe us. One Tweet in particular though has caused quite a bit of commotion recently, and has now been turned into something pretty amusing.

The Tweet in question comes from a weirdly-phrased New Year’s Eve message, which is found below:

Matt Oswalt, the younger brother of fellow comedian Patton Oswalt, noted that the quote sounded not unlike something Mark Hamill’s Joker would say before attacking one of his poor victims. This led him to suggest a “billion dollar idea,” which would be an app that reads Trump’s quotes via Hamill’s interpretation of the comic villain. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before Hamill himself got involved in dutiful fashion.

Hamill first voiced the Joker back in 1992 on Batman: The Animated Series and for some, the actor’s take on the maniacal villain is the definitive version — and that’s really saying something. There’s no shortage of great Joker performances out there (give or take Jared Leto), but with Hamill’s being among the very best, we’re happy to see that he isn’t afraid to lend his silver voice towards making our world a funnier place.