Martin Short roasts Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’: ‘What did you mean by the Proud Boys is so much more than a club?’


The indubitably delightful Martin Short stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. Short’s appearance was ahead of next week’s season two finale of Hulu’s acclaimed Only Murders in the Building, which has already been renewed for a third season. But things unsurprisingly went off the rails before Fallon could get around to discussing the Emmy-nominated mystery comedy series.

“James Thomas Fallon, my God, your name screams out diversity,” Short started off. “I’m so excited to be here tonight, although that could be the Vicodin and Xanax talking. In fact, it’s hard for me to express how excited I am to be here tonight because the Botox is fresh,” he continued, before turning his attention back to Fallon.

“Now I haven’t seen you since the big Saudi golf tournament,” the 72-year-old comedian quipped. “Who knew that you and the Crown Prince were such buddies?! The giggling and the giggling, and he’s knitting, and you’re holding the wool. It’s so beautiful! In fact, tell everyone what you were telling me about how the Proud Boys is so much more than a club, what did you mean by that?” Short asked the host, who was doubled over in laughter by that point.

Later, Fallon brought up Short’s Only Murders in the Building costar Steve Martin, with whom Short is currently on tour.

“Well first of all, Steve, he’s the most talented guy in the wold, you know,” Short explained. “I mean, he does magic. He juggles. He plays the banjo. And yet somehow, he’s famous. I don’t know how!”

When asked what he’s learned by touring with Martin, Short continued riffing on his longtime friend and comedy partner. “Well, I’ve learned that he will pay top dollar for clean urine,” he deadpanned. “I’ve learned from him that you don’t need to have a pool to have a pool boy… You know, he butt-dialed me the other day, which is kind of remarkable ’cause he still has a rotary phone.”

We’d expect nothing less from Short.