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Marvel Fans Are Freaking Out Over Zombie Thanos

The ambiguous ending to the episode has left fans wanting more.


The latest Marvel series to join Disney+’s roster, What If…? Has received overwhelmingly positive reviews by both fans and critics alike. However, there is one particular aspect of the latest episode fans are going crazy for.

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During Marvel What If? episode five we see the most obscure of all alternative realities so far, a world where the Avengers have been infected by a zombie plague, though it wasn’t an Avengers member who had fans going wild, instead, one of their iconic foes Thanos.

Near the conclusion of the episode, we meet this zombified villain who has a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet at his disposal. With a zombie wielding this weapon, you can imagine what comes next. Here’s how fans reacted to his appearance.


While each of the episodes of What If? has been contained to its own story, fans are desperately asking Marvel to continue on from this episode due to its ambiguous ending.

Sadly it’s unlikely we’ll get a follow-up later this season, however, possibly in a future season we could return to this timeline.

The series still has four more episodes left to air weekly bringing more craziness and unlikely situations from the Marvel universe to the big screen. You can stream the series exclusively on Disney+.