Marvel Fans Loved Killmonger In Latest What If Episode

Marvel’s latest animated series What If…? Has been a massive hit with each week’s unique premise providing something unique interesting for fans to see that wouldn’t normally take place within the MCU.

This week was no different with the Michael B. Jordan voiced Killmonger taking the spotlight as he went about saving and then plotting against members of the Avengers throughout the episode.

Along with Killmonger, fans got to see the late Chadwick Boseman appear in his role as Black Panther for one of the final times during the episode in quite the emotional moment, but along with his appearance, it was Killmonger who had fans talking after the episode.

Here’s what fans had to say about Killmongers role in the latest What If? Episode.

There is still plenty more What If? Action to come over the remaining episodes in the season. It remains to be seen if Killmonger will be back and how the character will be used in future realities.