Matt Lucas Teases That He’s Not Done With Doctor Who


Doctor Who fans were surprised when it was announced that Matt Lucas had been bumped up from one-off Christmas guest star to full time companion for season 10. After all, in his first appearance, the character – the bumbling Nardole – didn’t seem to have enough substance to him to sustain a longterm role.

Well, how wrong we were. Lucas adjusted his performance accordingly and Nardole became a more textured figure and trusted ally to the Doctor. And, as it happens, Lucas might still have more travels in the TARDIS ahead of him. In an interview with Den Of Geek, the actor spoke about how much he enjoyed being part of Doctor Who – and, in the process, hinted that he isn’t done with the sci-fi show yet.

“I’m really glad I did it. No regrets at all, only gratitude. I’m not sure my relationship with the show is over, either. But I can’t really go into great detail about that. It remains a big part of my life, let’s put it that way!”

So, what’s Lucas teasing here? Could he be staying on and accompanying new Doctor Jodie Whittaker around time and space in next year’s season 11? It’s possible, but the most likely option is that he’ll be appearing in the upcoming Christmas special.

From what we know so far, it’s set to be a very fan-pleasing fest of familiar faces. Those confirmed to be included are Pearl Mackie, Mark Gatiss and David Bradley, with further rumours suggesting that Jenna Coleman and even Matt Smith could also be on board to wave Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor goodbye. It makes sense, then, that Nardole would be part of the farewell party, too.

Lucas also spoke about what it’s like to be in the Doctor Who family and how the loyal fanbase takes anyone in the show to heart much more than most other projects he’s been involved in.

“There’s something about the Doctor Who fandom… if you watch Doctor Who, you’re a member of the club, if you’re in the show, you’re a member of the club. We’re all members of the club! It’s an odd group. I don’t think there’s the hierarchy that would often exist: ‘I’m in the show, you watch it’. That doesn’t exist in the Whoniverse. If you watch it, you’re in!”

Make sure to catch Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time” when it airs on Christmas Day.