MCU Fans Are Loving Loki’s Joke About Tony Stark’s Cologne


After spending almost the entire movie trying to take over the world with a little help from the invading Chitauri forces, Loki came off as a bit of a goober by the end of The Avengers‘ third act. He was pulverized into oblivion by the Hulk when forced to defend himself without backup or magical spears, before being handcuffed and led away by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

As we’ve gone on to discover many times in the years since, though, the God of Mischief is regularly the smartest person in any room he enters, and is always playing some sort of angle that will ultimately benefit nobody but himself in the long run. A lengthy expositional video in the first episode of his solo Disney Plus series outlined the MCU’s multiverse in broad fashion, leading Loki to question why the Avengers were able to time travel in Endgame without facing the wrath of the Time Variance Authority.

During the exchange where it’s explained that those particular sequence of events were always supposed to happen, Loki reveals that he knew there were two sets of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from different timelines because he could smell twice as much of Tony Stark’s cologne as usual. Needless to say, fans loved the reference, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

The Loki premiere was full of nods, callbacks, references and Easter Eggs to things that have happened in the MCU already, but the fan service never became too overbearing, even if the setup ties it directly to the narratives of both the first and fourth Avengers epics, and Tom Hiddleston is now set on his own path to try and catch a rogue variant of himself before things get too far out of hand.