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Meet the cast of ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ in new BTS featurette

Here is further insight into the show and its characters.

Comic-Con has already revealed to fans a look at one of Disney Plus’ upcoming shows National Treasure: Edge of History, and now thanks to a featurette you can get even more familiar with its unique cast.

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Edge of History is a series set in the universe of the National Treasure films but taking place much later. While some characters are set to return, for the most part there is a new set of names and faces to meet.

Lisette Olivera plays Jess Morales who is described as a “tenacious 22-year-old dreamer” along for the ride on the show’s treasure hunting adventure. Her character looks to be on the search for answers regarding what happened to her father.

Jess will face off against the black market antiquity dealer Billie Pearce, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. The two of them are both going against each other and time to solve puzzles and find the treasure.

Other characters shown in this new BTS featurette include Justin Bartha who will be making his return as Riley Poole, Jordan Rodrigues who plays Ethan, Oren who is portrayed by Antonio Cipriano, and Tasha played by Zuri Reed.

Fans can get to know more about these characters and the story at play in this new series thanks to the show’s debut trailer that launched alongside this new BTS clip. You can check out the trailer here.

Right now, fans will need to sit tight as the show is yet to get a firm release date, but when it does it will be exclusively available on Disney Plus.