Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Responds To The Show’s Shock Cancellation


Marvel fans are still reeling from the double-whammy of cancellations Netflix has served up in the past two weeks. First, Iron Fist proved to be not quite so immortal and then Luke Cage showed us that it was wasn’t totally bulletproof when it got the chop as well. Those involved with these two series have shared their thoughts about the productions coming to an end on Twitter, but the Hero of Harlem himself, Mike Colter, has been quiet of late.

Finally, though, he’s broken his silence on the matter, and it turns out his absence on social media was for a very good reason: his daughter was born this week. Understandably, then, he’s able to approach the situation from a positive outlook, even citing Luke’s catchphrase: “always forward.”

“I am forever grateful to Marvel and Netflix for letting me portray such a prolific character, and I thank you amazing fans. As one door closes, another has opened, with the birth of my daughter this week. A lot of great memories. Time to make more. Always forward, forward always.”

Iron Fist‘s Finn Jones has been confirmed to be returning to his role in Danny Rand in future Marvel shows, though we haven’t heard anything about this being true of Colter just yet. Now that these two series have ended though, ask any fan on Twitter and they’ll say that the best move for Netflix would be to pair up Luke and Danny and give us a proper Heroes for Hire team-up show. This has been hinted at for a while now and bringing together the fanbases of Luke Cage and Iron Fist might help if the cancellations happened due to low viewing figures.

One report claimed this wasn’t the case, however, and that “creative differences” and an inability to work out terms for a third season of Luke Cage is what brought the show to an end. That explanation sounds like it could have bigger consequences for the union between Marvel and Netflix, too, so Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher might want to watch out. But hey, like Colter says, always forward.

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