Millie Bobby Brown Will Reportedly Be Highest-Paid Child Actor In Stranger Things Season 4


Millie Bobby Brown originally rose to prominence after the first season of Stranger Things became a worldwide hit on Netflix, and the actress has managed to land a number of impressive roles over the past few years.

Most notably, Brown became the center of attention again when she appeared in 2020’s Enola Holmes in the part of the titular character. Not only that, but the British thespian actually produced the movie as well. At such a young age, it seems as if there isn’t anything the talented artist can’t do, though her most significant presence in the landscape of pop culture still involves the surreal world of Stranger Things and Jane Ives aka Eleven.

The highly anticipated show is currently going through production for its fourth outing and the Duffer Brothers have promised that season 4 will be even bigger in terms of scale, which considering all the epicness of the previous run, certainly sets a high bar. But in spite of this ambition, I think what most viewers would want is to just have their favorite characters back on the screen. After all, Stranger Things‘ plot has always been middling, and it’s more often than not the spectacular cast that saves the day when all is said and done.

We can expect all the kids to return in season 4, of course, though it seems that bringing back Brown’s Eleven, in particular, has cost Netflix a hefty sum. According to insider Daniel Richtman, the actress has gotten a raise and is now the highest-paid among her young peers on the show.

Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and even Caleb McLaughlin have all bagged major roles in numerous projects after their first appearance on Stranger Things, but given the hype surrounding Millie, it certainly makes sense why she’d be the highest paid among them.