‘Moon Knight’ writer finally reveals who set up the date

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Moon Knight gave fans plenty of mysteries to ponder during the duration of the show, but one was never addressed past the first episode and that was who exactly set up the date for Steven Grant.

Now that the series has concluded its run, head writer Jeremy Slater spoke to Comicbook.com and was asked about this incident from episode one. In response, the writer seemingly confirmed what many fans have suspected.

“I think it has to be [Jake Lockley]. The date thing wasn’t something that I wrote into the script. That was something that happened during production. It was an idea that came up. I think that was Mohammad’s idea. He would be a better answer. But for me, Marc doesn’t necessarily make sense if he’s trying to protect Steven from his life. It doesn’t necessarily make sense that he would also be hitting on his coworkers. So for me, yeah, that has to be Jake. But your guess is as good as mine at this point.”

Jake Lockley, the persona of Marc Spector only appeared during the recent Disney Plus series one time in the final scene. While this was the only time we see him on screen, it was apparent that he had been active during the show while Marc Spector had been blacked out.

This would make the most sense for him to have been the one that set up the date in the show’s first episode.

If Moon Knight returns for a second season, or as a guest in a different Marvel Studios production fans will most likely get more Jake Lockley antics to enjoy.

You can stream all of Moon Knight so far on Disney Plus.

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