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Neil Gaiman supports ‘The Sandman’ fan cast for missing Endless sibling

We can see it.

The Endless in The Sandman
Image via Netflix. Remix by Apeksha Bagchi

The Sandman season one did a great job of seeding future plotlines, leaving fans eager to meet various characters that were obliquely referenced in this first batch of episodes but were not shown on screen. At the top of the pile is the mysterious “Prodigal,” the seventh Endless sibling who is revealed to have vanished long before the events of the series begin.

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Those familiar with the comics, however, know that the Prodigal is actually Destruction, whose story will hopefully be told in a future season of the Netflix hit. But while season two has yet to even be greenlit, one Sandman fan has already pitched their perfect casting for Destruction — comedian and musician Tim Minchin.

Intriguingly, they might’ve just made their fan-cast a self-fulfilling prophecy as creator Neil Gaiman responded to their tweet, revealing that he likes the sound of getting Minchin on board the show. In fact, he even admitted that the Tony/Grammy-winning composer and lyricist was almost in Good Omens season two!

“I’d love to see [Tim Minchin] in Sandman,” Gaiman said. “(I wrote a part for him in Good Omens 2 but the timing didn’t work out. As far as I’m concerned you can never have too much Tim Minchin.)”

If you take a gander at Destruction’s depiction in the comics, he’s sometimes portrayed as a Caucasian man with long red hair and a beard, so it’s easy to see why Minchin sprung to mind as a good choice to play him. In spite of his name, Destruction is also one of the “good” Endless, so Minchin’s quirky persona would fit the part well.

Let’s just hope that Netflix gives The Sandman the chance to reach Destruction’s storyline, as Gaiman has admitted that the series’ future is still unclear at this point, despite its incredible acclaim and strong global viewership. The 11-part first season is available to stream now.