Netflix Added 7 New Titles Today

It’s almost the weekend and Netflix has you covered adding a bunch of new titles to the streaming service today with something for every kind of viewer. Whether you’re into anime, documentary, reality TV, or comedy, Netflix has you covered.

Today seven new titles were added to the service, some new Netflix productions and one a classic series to prepare viewers for a Netflix original coming to the platform next month.

In preparation for the Live-action Cowboy Bebop series, the all-time classic anime series has been added to the service in its entirety. This should give viewers plenty of time to binge through before the new series launches on Nov. 19.

A brand new Netflix original documentary has been released starring the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK. The film called Flip a Coin details how the band worked tirelessly to bring a digital performance to their fans.

For those looking for something raunchy, Netflix has added an original series called Sex, Love & Goop which explores a couple’s journey to achieve more pleasurable sex with help from Gwyneth Paltrow and a team of experts.

Another anime series that has been added to Netflix is Komi Can’t Communicate which had its very first episode aired today. This will be released weekly so there is no better time than now to tune in.

A new reality TV series named Insiders has also joined the service. You can stream all of season one now. For children’s programming, season six of Go! Go! Cory Carson is now available to stream. And finally, the German Netflix original series Life’s a Glitch with Julien Bam had its first season added to the service also. This new show follows influencer Julien Bam as he attempts to return to normalcy after accidentally teleporting into a different dimension.

That’s everything new on Netflix today, there should be plenty to binge through this coming weekend and keep you entertained.