Netflix invites you back to the Dreaming with unseen concept art from ‘The Sandman’

Morpheus with the famous helm
Photo via Netflix

Netflix’s The Sandman dazzled critics and delighted fans on its release in August 2022. The horror/fantasy show topped the charts throughout the month, clocked up an incredible number of viewing hours, and left most of its streaming competition in the dust. Despite this, it took months for the streaming service to confirm that there’d be a second season, though fans rightly celebrated when the announcement finally came that Morpheus will indeed be returning for more.

One aspect particularly singled out for praise was the show’s visuals. The first season took us through time, across dimensions, through various realms of being, and down into the depths of hell. This mirrors the original comics, which allowed the various artists collaborating with Gaiman to let their dark imaginations run wild.

Now, it seems that the concept artists for the show had similar freedom. The Netflix Geeked Twitter account has just posted some beautiful art from the Dreaming that may even surpass what made it into the finished product.

The comics also give us a decent roadmap for what’s coming in season two. We know we’re going to get the full story of Dream and Nada’s doomed romance (teased in season one), together with Morpheus’ return to hell, and the conundrum of who should receive the key to its gates.

With the premise now fully established, we expect it to roar out of the gates when it returns, and can’t wait to see the how it tackles the Norse pantheon, and other deities visiting Morpheus’ palace to make their case to take delivery of “the most desirable plot of psychic real estate” in all creation.

There are also whispers of a spinoff show based around Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine. HBO’s version has been canned, so for fans of the occult detective the future is looking female.