Netflix Officially Renews Sex Education For Season 4

Sex Education
Image via Netflix

Season 3 of Sex Education premiered on Netflix last week, so the chances are high you’ve already binged the latest run of episodes a long time ago. After all, the first two runs drew in over 40 million streams in the first four weeks they were available, and there’s every reason to believe those numbers will be substantially higher this time around.

The sweet, heartfelt, hilarious, romantic and raucous British high school comedy spun a lot of plates this year, carrying on several story threads from previous years while introducing some brand new ones. Critics have widely praised the show for its examination of teenage life, sex and identity, and Season 3 was incredibly moving at parts.

It was officially confirmed during the TUDUM event that we’ll be heading back to Moordale, or whatever it ends up called looking at how the finale ended. Then again, the building may even get bulldozed completely after the students staged a coup and put their own spin on an open day for parents of prospective new students.

The writing was as smart and sensitive as ever, and the cast are reliably phenomenal across the board, with each of the major players growing more and more into their roles with each passing year. The only bad news is that they’re all in their mid-20s if not older, so Sex Education may not have too long left before they all age out of their characters.