The Crown Season 4 Photos Tease More Royal Drama

The Crown

Netflix has been busily hyping up the fourth season of The Crown. After a third run that was (in my opinion) a bit dull, we should be in for some serious fireworks this November. The new episodes will cover the 1980s, a tumultuous decade that saw the fabric of British society changed forever under the Prime Ministership of Margaret Thatcher. Gillian Anderson will no doubt knock it out of the park as the Iron Lady and I’m really looking forward to seeing her and Olivia Colman verbally sparring with one another.

But as dramatic as the British political sphere was over these years, it’ll pale in comparison to the sparks flying behind the gates of Buckingham Palace. One of the major moments in the season has got to be the wedding of Charles and Diana, which the media billed as a fairytale come to life. The reality was less romantic, however, with Charles secretly still in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Diana realizing that this ‘Prince Charming’ might not be her happily ever after. Emma Corrin as Diana is an unknown quantity, but let’s face it, The Crown‘s casting department has a great track record.

Earlier today, Netflix dropped some new photos for the upcoming season and as you can see below, they tease a few key scenes in all this drama. Most interesting are the ones which appear to show Diana being introduced to the Royal Family for the first time. The Windsors are all smiles right now, but we know they’ll soon close ranks against her, leading to the self-destructive depression that will likely form the basis of the fifth season. One particularly telling photo even sees Emerald Fennell’s Camilla meeting Diana, which is set to be a very spicy scene knowing what we do about their respective futures.

Gillian Anderson also looks spookily like Margaret Thatcher here, a sight that gives me conflicted feelings given how big a fan I am of her. I can’t wait to see the actress in action, even if the sight of that hairdo sends unpleasant shivers up my spine.

The Crown season 4 will premiere on Netflix on November 15th. Don’t miss it.