Netflix Reportedly Told Johnny Depp He Can’t Star In Addams Family Show


Johnny Depp supporters threatening to boycott anything and everything related to Warner Bros. after the former Pirates of the Caribbean star was booted from his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise while Amber Heard remained gainfully employed as the female lead of the DCEU’s Aquaman movies must have been experiencing some seriously mixed emotions this past Thursday.

After years of campaigning, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was finally released onto HBO Max, and some of the pro-Depp/anti-Heard mob didn’t know how to react. As a WB production that saw the actress playing a much larger role than she did in the theatrical release, a compromise was made that found plenty of social media users praise the four-hour epic as a whole, while singling Heard out for specific criticism.

Depp, meanwhile, still hasn’t figured out his next career move yet, although his long delayed crime drama City of Lies finally scored a VOD release yesterday, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that he’s already been knocked back by Netflix for a role in Tim Burton’s reboot of The Addams Family.

The first plot details for the series were making the rounds a month or so ago, but there’s been no official news on the casting process having started, so if Richtman’s intel is reliable, either Depp reached out to the streaming service and was rejected or Burton went to them with the idea and was shot down. Unless of course they just called him up and told him to forget about it, which is highly unlikely.

In any case, fans are firmly on board with the idea of Depp playing Gomez, and having him reunite with Burton for The Addams Family could be just the shot in the arm that his career needs, but whether or not he’s already been overlooked, his chances of landing the part always seemed pretty slim to begin with.

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