Netflix Trolls Viewers Over Cancelled Marvel Shows


Fans of the Netflix MCU shows have had a pretty rough end to the year. Despite season 3 of Daredevil picking up accolades from critics and audiences alike, the show was unexpectedly cancelled. It now joins Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the dustbin of televised history and it’s not too difficult to read the writing on the wall and predict that Jessica Jones and The Punisher will be soon to follow.

The cancellations brought shock, sadness and fury from fans of the shows who vehemently protested their fates. And this week, as if to rub salt into the wound, Netflix sent out a customer survey asking viewers how disappointed they’d be if these shows were cancelled. This all comes via Reddit user Mugscroll, who posted the following image on the r/Defenders page:

Given what we all know, these questions seem entirely redundant. After all, there’s no need for fans to have to imagine how they’d feel if the shows were cancelled because they just lived it. And seeing as the House of Mouse has high expectations for Disney Plus, their upcoming streaming service, and has announced a slate of exclusive MCU shows featuring characters from the movies, it’s really a no-brainer for them to yank the Defenders titles, as they’d be in direct competition with their own IP if they didn’t.

Besides, I doubt many people will weep too hard for the loss of the Netflix shows. Apart from Daredevil, they all looked a bit wobbly at times and every season was at least two or three episodes too long and felt padded. Some of the shows like Iron Fist were just plain bad, and even the good ones like Jessica Jones felt as if they’d said everything about the character in their first season. Still, if you were invested in these heroes, it’s been one hell of a miserable winter, and this survey doesn’t exactly help matters.

Source: Reddit