Netflix shares a badass BTS stunt video from ‘Wednesday’

Photo via What's on Netflix

Wednesdays second season will be here before we know it, and Netflix is teasing it in the most enticing way — a behind-the-scenes video. Earlier today, the streamer shared one of the lead actresses performing stunts for the show via Twitter.

The impressive clip shows Wednesday‘s Emma Myers rehearsing the spectacular stunts with barely any aid from the surrounding crew. The actress, who plays werewolf and fellow student Enid Sinclair at Nevermore Academy, is shown doing cartwheels in the air, a handspring using only one arm, and handsprings on a vault.

Although the stunt video and Myers’ apparent proficiency in gymnastics is nearly deemed worthy of a professional athlete, the 20-year-old actress is actually none of the sorts. Myers entered the acting industry in 2010, debuting as a child actor in the TV series The Glades. She got her breakthrough role after getting cast for Wednesday alongside co-star Jenna Ortega. Myers was also homeschooled and has not once been tied to the world of gymnastics — even if the video would suggest otherwise.

Netflix is not a foreign platform for actresses who perform their own stunts. Other than Myers, the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista received acclaimed praise for her stunt videos, which quickly became viral after the actress’ skyrocketing popularity in Warrior Nun. Although her stunts were a bit trickier than Myers’, both actresses made all the demanding moves look easy, performing them with hardly any help from anyone.

Wednesday‘s second season has yet to receive a release date. The first season is available on Netflix.