Netflix’s ‘Arcane’ cleans up at the Annie Awards

Poster from Netflix's Arcane

During last night’s 49th Annie Awards, Arcane managed to win in every category it was nominated for and bagged a total of nine trophies for Netflix/Studio Fortiche. And they say you can’t make a great video game adaptation.

The streaming juggernaut’s unexpected gem led all the other nominees with nine wins in Directing, Storyboarding, General TV Production, Writing, Voice Acting, Animated Effects, Character Animation, Character Design, and Production Design. All of these categories were in the TV awards.

Based on Riot Games’ globally recognized League of Legends, the nine-episode series revolved around the fictional city of Piltover and adapted the story of several champions from the MOBA title, Vi and Jinx among them. The narrative followed several plot lines and incorporated various characters from LoL, but it all ultimately converged on the relationship between these two sisters, separated in youth through a misunderstanding that turns one of them into the story’s main antagonist.

With a 100% certified fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience average of 96%, not to mention a 9.2 on IMDB based on more than 160K reviews, Arcane has definitely earned its place as one of the rare critically acclaimed video game adaptations.

The second season of Arcane is already in production, but hopefully, it’ll take creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee less than the allocated 6-year development period for season one to produce another 9-episode run.

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