Netflix’s Most-Watched TV Show In July Was An Underrated Sci-Fi Gem


July was another terrific month for Netflix as far as TV goes – and movies, too, actually – with tons of great new series and returning favorites for subscribers to binge. Undoubtedly, most of the attention and buzz was directed at debuting shows like Warrior Nun and Cursed, among others. But it turns out that the most-watched TV series was actually an underrated sci-fi gem which hails from Germany.

Yes, the third season of Dark was the most-watched show globally this month. Following close behind though are the two aforementioned originals, while Zac Efron’s new travel series also saw lots of love.

For the full list, see below:

  1. Dark
  2. Warrior Nun
  3. Cursed
  4. Unsolved Mysteries
  5. Dark Desire
  6. Snowpiercer
  7. Down to Earth with Zac Efron
  8. All For Love
  9. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
  10. The Business of Drugs


So, not too many surprises there. Perhaps except Dark. While it’s critically acclaimed and loved by those who do watch it, it’s still underrated in the sense that too many people remain unfamiliar with it and it’s hardly a popular pick when it comes to discussing the best shows currently available. But despite the lack of mainstream exposure, it seems that enough folks still tuned in for its latest season to propel it to the top of the list.

That being said, given that these are global, and not US-only rankings, maybe it makes a little more sense that Dark was able to secure the top spot. For instance, if you look in the States, it doesn’t even crack the Top 10, with the top spot instead going to Unsolved Mysteries.

In any case, with The Umbrella Academy season 2 now available and going down very, very well with subscribers, it’s likely that August’s list will see that one perched right at the top. But for now, Dark reigns supreme on the global rankings and given how truly incredible the show is, its success is well-deserved and we can only hope that more Netflix users discover it in the months to come.