Netflix’s The Punisher Series May Already Be Casting A Key Supporting Character


The final few episodes of Daredevil season two were very concerned with setting up the future of Netflix’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hence why we got some serious hints at what might be in store for us in The Punisher, which included Frank Castle heading home and retrieving a disc labelled “Microchip.”

Fans of the comic book will know that moniker belongs to David Lieberman, a former weapons engineer who became the Punisher’s weapons supplier for a short time. He was also especially skilled in the use of computers and technology, and if a new report is to be believed, casting is already underway for the character.

The fan-favourite supporting player from The Punisher’s comic book adventure is reportedly being cast under the name “Dennis Landstrom,” as production seemingly gears up amid reports that the show will hit the online streaming service in 2017.

Here’s a sample of the dialogue which is apparently being used:

Micro: I know that we’re after the same people, or I should say the same people are after us, which means that we are after the same people.
Frank: How do you know that?
Micro: It’s like you said, I’m good at computers, and the like. Look, friend, I know your story, and I know we can make things right again.
Frank: What do you want?
Micro: I want your help. I had a wife and kids, a family, and those bastards, they just took it away from me, and you know what that’s like, and I want my life back. As far as I can figure this is the only way to go about it, but I can’t do it alone. I know my limits, and I need your help.
Frank: I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. We’re out of time.

There’s nothing to say this will make it into the show, but it could very well give us an idea of the sort of adversarial relationship The Punisher will have with Microchip in the series.

It’s going to be very interesting seeing how The Punisher comes together throughout the rest of 2016 if casting really is gearing up, especially as there’s a chance that the violent vigilante will appear in The Defenders first.

While we wait for more updates on Microchip to emerge, tell us, do you have any suggestions for who should play the character in the Jon Bernthal led spinoff?