New Loki Photos Tease The God Of Mischief’s Next Adventure


Marvel Studios just dropped a new trailer for upcoming Disney Plus series Loki, which gives us our best look yet at the God of Mischief’s time traveling adventure. It appears to fall somewhere between WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in that it’s a six-episode superhero show with a blockbuster budget, one that appears to merge the action-packed elements of Sam and Bucky’s spinoff with the reality-altering weirdness that defined our time spent with Wanda and Vision in Westview.

Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius is the straight man tasked with delivering most of the exposition, while Tom Hiddleston is free to let his charismatic fan favorite run wild all across the universe. Loki could reposition the title character as an antihero within the context of the MCU, but everything we’ve seen from the Asgardian trickster over the last decade would indicate that there’s going to be double and triple crossing afoot, and he won’t be looking out for anyone but himself.

Fans are already going wild over the new footage and to follow it up, Marvel have now released some brand new images ahead of the June 11th premiere, which you can check out below.

Given that we’re still a couple of months away from Loki arriving, there’s probably one more trailer left to go, but as has been the case with the MCU’s expansion onto Disney Plus so far, creator Michael Waldron is no doubt keeping his cards close to the chest in terms of plot specifics. Still, it’s about time Hiddleston was given top billing after ten years lurking in his onscreen brother’s shadow, and the franchise’s third episodic exclusive is on track to be the biggest Marvel series yet.