MCU Fans Are Loving Owen Wilson’s New Look In The Loki Trailer


When it was first announced that Owen Wilson had joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would play a major supporting role in Loki, you can imagine the exact word used to describe the news. The actor has become something of a meme thanks to his signature ‘wow,’ and the smart money is on creator and writer Michael Waldron working it into one of his scripts somehow as a wink to the audience.

The D+ exclusive is set to wrap shooting this month, but the first trailer was revealed at Disney’s Investor Day and went down a storm with fans. Of course, we got new looks at several MCU shows this week including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What If…? and Ms. Marvel, but perhaps the most exciting thing is that they all appear to be completely different from one another, which should silence some of the doubters who criticize the studio’s output for maintaining a sense of strict uniformity.

When Wilson’s casting was first announced, rumors were making the rounds that he could be playing any number of characters, but the Wedding Crashers star has now been confirmed as Time Variance Authority employee Mobius M. Mobius, and his wardrobe is suitably befitting of a middle management type on the wrong side of 50. However, some fans were taken aback by his new look, and you can check out the reactions down below.

There was plenty of exciting imagery to be found in the first Loki trailer, one that teases that nothing’s off limits now that the God of Mischief is working in tandem either with or for the TVA, but the dynamic between Tom Hiddleston and his Midnight in Paris co-star was a definite highlight.