Watch: New Lucifer Season 6 Promo Reveals First Look At Adam

Lucifer season 6

Over its five seasons so far, Lucifer has dug deep into biblical mythology, introducing the likes of Cain (Tom Welling), Eve (Inbar Lavi) and, of course, Dennis Haysbert’s God. But there’s a major player we’ve not seen before who is finally making their debut in the show’s sixth and final season – Eve’s ex-husband Adam. And this new trailer for the Netflix hit’s return reveals our first look at the world’s first man,

The big reveal is hidden at the end of this latest promo, which celebrates the best moments of Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) over the course of the series, playing therapist to various legendary celestial beings. And her newest patient, we find out, is Adam himself, who has come to Linda to deal with his feelings over his split with Eve, who is now in a relationship with Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

“A common rule of thumb suggests a month for every year you were together,” Linda tells Adam, when advising on how long he needs to get over Eve. When he asks her what’s “a million months” in years, Linda realizes she’s talking to THAT Adam. Check out the promo via the tweet below:

Season 5 concluded by flipping the status quo of the show in the biggest way possible. With God leaving for another universe, his sons fought to become his replacement, with Lucifer managing to beat his evil twin Michael to get himself proclaimed the new ruler of Heaven. That said, previous trailers have revealed that he’s not quite omniscient and omnipotent yet, and is more like a demigod right now.

With a new God on the block, Adam on the way and not to mention a special animated episode, Lucifer season 6 – which clocks in at 10 episodes – looks set to be a heavenly end to the surprisingly long-lived series when it hits Netflix on September 10th.