New ‘Moon Knight’ promo image reveals 2 sides of the hero’s personality

moon knight

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are champing at the bit for Moon Knight to arrive, with the debut of the franchise’s newest antihero only a couple of weeks away.

Everyone involved with the six-episode miniseries has been going out of their way to hype Oscar Isaac’s debut as Marc Spector up to high heaven, and we’ve got every reason to believe them. A vigilante suffering from dissociative identity disorder that gets given superpowers by an ancient Egyptian deity is bold new territory for the MCU, and we’ve been promised a sensitive and thought-provoking examination of the character’s mental health issues.

Obviously, there’s going to be plenty of costumed crimefighting and explosive action sequences into the bargain, because this is Marvel Studios we’re talking about. Several of Moon Knight’s alter-egos have already been revealed, but as you can see below, a new promo image is focusing on two in particular.

It’s incredible to think that the MCU’s expansion into episodic storytelling is only in its second year given the bounty of wildly different offerings we’ve been gifted already, and that’s set to continue through 2022. As the first show out of the gate, Moon Knight will set the bar, and it’s looking to be a high one based on the initial wave of reactions.

March 30 can’t come soon enough, and while some of the key creatives have teased that Moon Knight won’t be locked into mainline MCU canon, we can expect Isaac to be sticking around the shared mythology for some time to come.