New Walking Dead Promo Prepares Us For A Changing World


The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes are about to go their separate ways, meaning the entire Internet is collectively holding its breath in anticipation of October 7th.

That’s the day in which AMC plans to drop season 9 of The Walking Dead, and with it, a whole truckload of intense zombie drama. Not that the fanbase would have it any other way, mind you.

But with the show’s ninth season quickly approaching, the marketing is starting to ramp up now and that continues today with a newly released promo. Seen above, it was shared on the official AMC YouTube channel, where the network wrote:

“We meet up with our survivors a year and a half after the war with Negan, and the world they knew is rapidly changing.”

Yes, as you’ve surely heard by now, season 9 of The Walking Dead begins with an 18-month time jump, thrusting Rick Grimes and the gang far into the future of this ravaged wasteland. Exactly how things pan out for AMC’s core band of survivors remains to be seen, but at the very least, we can take solace in the fact that season 9’s so-far untitled premiere will be an extended one.

Earlier this morning, we learned that episode 9×01 will stretch from 9 p.m. ET through until 10:26 p.m, giving fans ample time to get re-acquainted with all their favorite characters as AMC kicks off what’s sure to be an emotional season of The Walking Dead, given that it’ll see the exit of both Rick and Maggie. How exactly they’ll be written out of the show (grisly death, or peaceful departure) remains to be seen, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that the times they are a-changin’ for the hit zombie drama.