Norman Reedus Teases A Badass Moment For Daryl In The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale

Daryl Walking Dead

The survivors were in a tight spot last time we caught up with them. The Walking Dead season 10’s penultimate episode, “The Tower,” saw Beta send an enormous horde of walkers to surround the various evacuees from the different communities in their supposed-to-be safe house at the abandoned medical tower. Going into the long-delayed finale, we’re wondering how they could possibly escape. But if anyone’s going to find a way, it’ll be Daryl Dixon.

Back in season 6’s midseason finale, Daryl had an awesome moment where he used a rocket-propelled grenade during a walker invasion of Alexandria. When caught up with star Norman Reedus over [email protected] last weekend, they asked the actor if the show would continue to up the ante with Daryl’s signature badass moments. He said he hoped that they would and also teased one happening in the very next episode.

 “I hope so, because they’re fun to do. I hope they’ll keep writing me cool stuff to do,” Reedus said. “There is something in the finale that’s very bazooka-like, when that airs,” Reedus teased of the incoming season finale, where Daryl will pull out an old trick to combat Beta and his walker horde. “So that was a fun moment.”

We don’t know exactly what this scene will be, but Reedus went on to tease that it’ll involve Negan in some way, as the star added that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was “literally right there at my feet” during the big moment. Daryl and Negan recently got over some of their animosity when Negan saved his old enemy from the Whisperers back in episode 14. They’re not exactly best buddies, but it looks like they’ll need to work together again to get out of this dire situation.

Daryl was outside of the tower with Judith when the walkers came, but the recently released opening scene (see above) to the finale teases the pair, and Carol and Kelly, slipping back inside to help out. We’ll find out what this big, badass moment is for Daryl when The Walking Dead season 10B finale finally airs on AMC on October 4th. That’s still a couple of months away, but at least we have a date to count down to now.