Original Power Rangers Star Wants The Cast To Reunite For Netflix Show

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Nostalgia is still all the rage these days, with virtually any property from decades past that has any kind of name recognition being repurposed for the big screen. Disney’s constant stream of live-action remakes based on their back catalogue of animated classics have consistently hit the box office sweet spot in appealing to both modern, younger audiences and those that fondly remember the originals, but for every hit there are also quite a few misses.

2017’s Power Rangers was one of the reboots that failed to gain much traction critically or commercially, although the movie did do big numbers through merchandise. It arrived to the ‘dark and gritty update’ party about half a decade too late, and couldn’t quite decide what kind of movie it wanted to be, failing to manage the tonal balance between superhero-influenced coming-of-age story or a nostalgia-driven exercise designed to appeal to fans who grew up watching the TV series.

After earning less than $150 million globally, the Power Rangers are set to be rebooted once again with an entirely different cast, this time leaning harder into the nostalgia aspect than ever before with a rumored 1990s setting. However, one of the stars of the original show is still holding out hope that the cast from the Mighty Morphin’ era will get back together for one last ride.

In a recent interview, David Yost, who played Blue Ranger Billy Cranston between 1993 and 1996, admitted that he would be keen on the idea of reuniting with his former co-stars for a limited series to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Power Rangers’ debut.

“I mean, it’s definitely a rumor, and it’s probably a rumor on my end, but you know, I just think it would be great because we’re creeping up on our 30-year anniversary of the original cast, and for years we’ve been asked to do a reunion and nothing’s happened. They didn’t take advantage of it at the 25-year reunion, which I don’t know why they didn’t, but it would be nice to film kind of a limited series.”

Yost went on to talk about the potential that a seven or eight episode run on Netflix would have, but after the last reboot failed at the box office, it seems unlikely that there would be much interest on the streaming giant’s side on gathering together the original cast in order to find out how the Power Rangers have dealt with the change from saving the world to adjusting to middle-age.