Not everyone survives in this week’s ‘Peacemaker’ episode

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains full spoilers for Peacemaker episode seven.

The death count rose significantly in the penultimate episode of Peacemaker as the DC TV series just killed off two of its main cast. Things were tougher than ever for the eponymous anti-hero in episode seven, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”, as John Cena’s Chris Smith had to go on the run after being framed by the alien butterfly-controlled police. All while his own father, white supremacist supervillain the White Dragon (Robert Patrick), tried to kill him.

Major spoilers follow

Unsurprisingly, Peacemaker ended up living to fight another day, but two other characters kicked the bucket instead. Fans will be sad to see one of them go, but the other no one is going to mourn. First, Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), the black-ops team’s leader who’s secretly a butterfly, made one last stand against his own people before the butterfly queen (Annie Chang) killed his human host and then crushed his true form in her hands.

Secondly, Peacemaker and his father finally came to blows, and while the battle went against him at first, he ultimately managed to turn the tables on the White Dragon. Though reluctant to do so, Chris’ father kept goading him until he shot him in the head. That leaves one of the season’s villains dead, but Team Peacemaker still has to save the planet from an alien invasion.

White Dragon’s death had to happen, as he’s such a hateful character, but having Chris kill his own dad may have a major effect on his psyche. As for Murn, his sacrifice concluded his arc from shifty outsider to redeemed hero. It’s a shame he won’t be around if a second season ends up happening, but at least Iwuji is teaming up with creator James Gunn again for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is filming now.

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