‘Peacemaker’ will come with special features on HBO Max

Image via HBO

Before the age of streaming, when physical media was still the dominant method of consuming movies and TV shows at home, special features were part and parcel of any DVD or Blu-ray release, allowing fans to dive deep into the making of whatever their latest purchase was through either documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes and much more.

Netflix doesn’t even tend to make its original movies and TV shows available in disc form, meaning that bonus content is in real danger of becoming a lost art. However, James Gunn is clearly still a student of the old ways, after revealing that HBO Max series Peacemaker will arrive on streaming with additional features.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, the filmmaker confirmed that The Suicide Squad spinoff will come burdened with all sorts of extra goodies as soon as it’s available to watch on January 13.

Peacemaker marks the DCEU’s first official expansion into episodic storytelling, and an irreverent R-rated show starring John Cena’s scene-stealing Christopher Smith could turn out to be an inspired choice. Gunn created the concept from the ground up, wrote all of the scripts and directed five installments himself, so we could be in store for something truly special when the rollout begins exactly two weeks from today.