Pedro Pascal Says He Uses His Bedroom Voice For The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

With bounty hunter Din Djarin usually hidden beneath his beskar helmet, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal mostly just uses his voice to portray his character on the hit Star Wars show. Because of that, fan encounters can be a bit awkward, especially with little kids who don’t recognize him, as the actor has admitted the tone of the voice he uses to play Mando isn’t really appropriate for some occasions.

Pascal spoke with Josh Horowitz for Comedy Central’s Stir Crazy series and admitted that he “feels bad” when Star Wars-loving children meet him on the street and are completely unimpressed by their TV hero in the flesh. Without his character’s armor or Baby Yoda by his side, they don’t believe that Pascal is the real deal. And he can’t even do his Mando voice to convince them as he says it’s kind of “like a bedroom voice.”

“I always feel bad,” Pascal said. “A parent that I meet, they have their kid, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to impress my child so much. I’m introducing them to the Mandalorian. But then it’s like my face, and I don’t have The Child with me; I’m not wearing a helmet. And they look and they’re like, ‘Who’s this guy?’ And then, if I’m going to speak to them in a Mando voice, it’s kind of strangely like a bedroom voice. Totally inappropriate. So it’s kind of just like, [awkward sounds].”

Well, the voice thing is hilarious, but at least the problem of kids not recognizing Pascal should go away soon, as the actor’s fame just keeps on rising. December was a major month for him, for one, with The Mandalorian season 2 wrapping up on Disney Plus, HBO Max debuting Wonder Woman 1984 – in which he plays villain Maxwell Lord – and then Netflix premiering We Can Be Heroes, starring Pascal as superhero dad Marcus Moreno.

Not only that, but the actor is getting more and more opportunities to take his helmet off on The MandalorianIn season 2, the character encountered others of his race who don’t follow his strict code and that’s encouraged him to show off his features – including his surprisingly well-groomed facial hair – more often. By the time the next run arrives, Pascal might even get to act with his face a whole lot more – especially if Djarin is to become the ruler of Mandalore. Then he won’t have to rely so much on, um, his bedroom voice.