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Pete Davidson is ‘very hittable’ in new Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial

Pete Davidson jokes that he's 'very hittable' in a new Hellmann's Mayo Super Bowl ad after getting tackled by 250-pound linebacker Jerod Mayo.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has partnered with former NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo to “tackle” food waste in a new commercial running during this weekend’s Super Bowl. And the spot — like all things in 2022, apparently — features a cheeky cameo from Pete Davidson.

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According to Hellmann’s, the key to stopping food waste starts right at home, by adding mayonnaise to precariously expiring foods instead of throwing them away. And to drive this point home, Mayo tackles unwitting people cleaning out their refrigerators and pantries by informing them that stale bread could be used for grilled cheese, an old potato transformed anew into potato salad, and so on.

Near the end of the commercial, Mayo encounters Davidson ostensibly at a Super Bowl party and attempts to tackle him for messily eating a chip. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mom’s already tackling food waste, Mayo,” Davidson tells the 250-pound linebacker, who tackles him anyway. “I get it, I’m very hittable,” says Davidson, with a sigh.

Interpret that as you will — either because Davidson has dated some of the most eligible A-list ladies or because some might remark that he’s also rather punchable.

But while discussing the commercial with People this week, Davidson confirmed that he and Kim Kardashian, who he has been spotted with since late last year, are indeed boyfriend-girlfriend.