Poster Unveiled For New Season Of Two And A Half Men

The whole landslide of news involving Charlie Sheen and his “sudden” departure from CBS’s hit show Two and a Half Men has taken a backseat in the last couple months after a replacement for his character was found in the unlikely form of Ashton Kutcher. Well, whether you like the idea or not it doesn’t matter, since CBS released a flattering poster today stating the arrival date of the show’s ninth season.

Replacing Sheen was a bad choice from the get go but going with somebody like Kelso from That ’70s Show is like trying to cook an ice-cream cone in the oven, it’s a recipe for disaster. Just look at his smug facial expression on the poster and try to get excited at the fact that he is going to be the show’s new lead star.

Judging by Jon Cryer‘s reaction, he doesn’t seem happy about it either. Hopefully Kutcher can surprise everyone and make his character just as much of a hilarious degenerate as Charlie was, otherwise the show will eventually join the ranks of horrible television design ideas of the past, remember Joey?

Check out the poster below courtesy of CBS.