Promo For The Flash Season 2, Episode 3: “Family Of Rogues”


Last night’s episode of The Flash may have been one of the best instalments of the hit CW superhero drama to date. With some light finally shed on Zoom’s motivations, the downright awesome debuts of Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot, and a last minute reveal sure to leave viewers counting down the seconds until the next episode, it definitely made up for some of the season two premiere’s pitfalls.

Today, the network has released an extended promo teasing what’s to come in “Family or Rouges” next Tuesday, and it quickly becomes apparent that the spotlight is very much going to be on fan-favourite villain – and future DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast member – Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller, Prison Break).

When Barry and Leonard Snart last met, they made an agreement: The Flash would keep out of his way so long as he doesn’t kill anyone, while Cold will keep the Scarlet Speedster’s identity a secret. However, that looks like it’s about to go up in smoke when Cold’s father (Michael Ironside) makes his return to Central City and convinces his son to join him on a heist. Inevitably, that’s going to lead to The Flash heading into action to stop them, but based on the promo above, things don’t go all that well for The Fastest Man Alive.

While “Family of Rogues” looks like a lot of fun, it remains to be seen whether or not it will continue to advance Zoom’s story, but even The Flash‘s filler episodes are top notch, so it doesn’t really matter.