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‘PUT THIS HUG OF A WOMAN ON THE GOLDEN BACHELOR’: ‘Bachelorette’ viewers think they’ve already found the perfect match for Gerry

Gerry deserves this hug of a woman.

Image via Bachelor Nation YouTube

Bachelor Nation fans are still months away from the long-awaited premiere of The Golden Bachelor, but a contestant to win the handsome Gerry Turner‘s heart has already presented herself, and we’re not even entirely sure she knows it.

During the hometown dates episode of Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette, fans were introduced to a woman during Xavier and Charity’s knitting date. Yes, the pair went to a knitting class together in Cleveland, and not only was it a heartwarming experience, we laid eyes on the perfect contender for Gerry’s love!

Lizzie on Twitter puts it more perfectly than any of us could:

Yes, this “hug of a woman” exuded kindness, patience, and a lot of love as she sat with Xavier and Charity on their big date, and we all fell in love with her pretty quickly. Gerry is looking for someone to fall in love with, and we think she just might be the one to steal his heart. So if your Bachelor Nation friends talk to you about the sweet lady from knitting class over the next few days, please understand that the love we all feel for her is real.

The “hug of a woman” wasn’t the only person we fell in love with during the hometown episode; we also carved out a special place in our hearts for Xavier’s dad, Clarance, who looks like Richard Webber — and he is another walking, talking hug of a person. His wisdom, patience, and love carried us through a few moments, but we won’t forget him soon.

Joey’s mom was also loveable as she asked her son if he was finding love on this journey, and while it wasn’t easy to watch, she also asked him if he felt like he was being true to himself. Sometimes, we need those closest to us to question the versions of ourselves that we’re becoming, and Joey’s mom loved him enough to do so.

Aaron’s family exuded kind and excited energy when Charity and Aaron showed up to chat with them, and this really feels like the most well-rounded group of families we’ve seen in the series. We just wanted to walk into their house and feel welcome, as genuine as that one.

We can’t keep talking about parents without mentioning Dotun’s mom and dad, who were supposed to be gone on a trip to Nigeria but surprised them and showed up for the date instead. Did we cry when they walked into the backyard? Yes. Are we ashamed to admit it? No. Dotun’s grandma also stole a piece of our hearts, and we understand why Charity is having such a hard time making this decision.

Back to Gerry and the decision he’ll soon need to make, we feel slight envy for those who will shortly vy for his heart and attention, especially after seeing the most recent promo for his season. While it appeared online a few days ago, it was the first time many viewers saw it on commercials on their television screens, and we have to say whoever is writing these deserves a huge raise.

No matter who makes it to the premiere season of The Golden Bachelor, one thing is for sure; Gerry is the kind of man you’d be lucky to settle down with, and we certainly hope he finds his “hug of a woman” real soon.

Perhaps producers should take a quick trip to a Cleveland knitting class before finalizing Gerry’s final contestants. A man aged to perfection and a woman who feels like a hug? We’re calling it a match made in heaven.

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