Every Hero Has A Code: Ranking The Characters Of HBO’s Westworld


Pretty much every aspect of HBO’s latest smash hit, Westworld, has impressed critics and audiences alike. The visuals are terrific, the writing is some of the smartest on TV right now and it’s got lots of Game of Thrones-esque gratuitous nudity and violence to help keep the viewing figures up.

Much has also been said about the Hollywood-level cast, which is full of major thespians and hot up-and-comers. Thankfully, the show rewards the actors with some great material. Be they human or host, many of Westworld‘s characters have gone through the ringer over this incredible first season. As it’s an ensemble show, everyone has had their crack at the whip and several characters have made quite a big impression, quickly emerging as clear fan-favorites.

And so, ahead of the much-anticipated finale, here’s our ranking of the 15 most prominent characters from HBO’s Westworld. Also, in case you missed it, be sure to check out our predictions and theories for tonight’s final episode.