Every Hero Has A Code: Ranking The Characters Of HBO’s Westworld


15) Lee Sizemore


As played by British actor Simon Quaterman, Lee Sizemore seemed to be set up as a major character in the first couple of episodes – before he disappeared for about half the season. Let’s be thankful that he did, as he’s the second most unlikeable character on the show.

The head of the park’s Narrative Department, Sizemore is a massive drama queen who either complains when his stories are interfered with or sits around by the pool all day waiting for inspiration. He might be a clever bit of self-deprecation on the writer’s part, but he’s still an annoying character.


14) Ashley Stubbs

Luke Hemsworth Westworld

Seeing as he’s played by Luke Hemsworth – the elder brother of Hollywood stars Chris and Liam – you would expect head of security Ashley Stubbs to have had a bigger role in the show. In reality though, he’s just the glorified muscle of the park.

We do glean that he doesn’t trust the hosts and has always believed they’d one day go haywire, but that’s about it for his character. Assuming he hasn’t been killed by the Ghost Nation though, he’ll probably get more to do in season 2. At least, we hope.

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